Board Member- Lourence Dormaier

Lourence is the Owner of Next Mission Farms is Veteran owned and family operated in Ephrata, WA.  When Lourence left the Army in late 2006, he was searching for the “next mission.”  Upon returning to his family hay farm in central Washington, he quickly realized he wanted to know where his food came from and more importantly, how it was grown!  At Next Mission Farms we offer All Natural, organically grown herbs and vegetables, as well as “dirt therapy”.  We offer CSA type boxes, and ala carte ordering on farm purchases (we love it when we have customers visit the farm!), and attend our local farmer’s market in Quincy, WA.  We are passionate about providing the best flavor and quality in our produce, as well as sharing best practices to preserve freshness.  The pride in knowing you will not find a better tomato in the store or fresher basil is what drives us to be the best.  We are very honored to grow our produce under the Homegrown by Heroes label, and be able to help other Vets in agriculture through our membership and service with the Farmer Veteran Coalition.  On any given day, you will find Lourence weeding rows, stringing tomatoes, Vaden (15) checking water lines, Jared (14) picking to fill orders, Cyrus (6) hiding in the tomato rows “quality checking” regardless of ripeness, and Kenzie (5) supervising from the shade of the trees!  We are an all hands on deck operation, and if you ever wondered what our best veggie is, just ask Cyrus…or don’t…he’ll tell you anyway, and boy does he have a story to tell!!